From the heart of Dartmouth Nova Scotia,  q u i e t   h i l l  blends soul & rock, creating a sound that is hard to define. q u i e t   h i l l  is the musical musings on life and love from front person, Jacquie Thillaye.  

Thillaye was a regular performer in Toronto’s Queen St. West scene of the ‘80s before stepping away following the birth of two sons. She returned to her birthplace of Halifax to raise them. They grew to be musical, and when they flew the coop she realized how much she missed the music. Not just theirs, but her own.  With more of life to inspire her, Thillaye started to write again and twenty+ years of songs and stories began to spill.  

Thillaye was joined early on by Dave "guitar cat" Johnson (guitar), and Henry "bass man" Taylor (bass). Multi-musician Mike Robinson (keys & trombone) joined a few years in, bringing a smooth jazz-influenced vibe.  Jason Loppie (drums) is the most recent addition, locking in with Taylor to bring a rich soul & funk energy.


Life is short.

Make music, make love, love art, laugh loud, laugh often.